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Just as yourself, I presume... I have a fondness for stolen kisses, listening ears, lingering eyes, and the tenderest of caresses... There's something special to thinking of someone, wanting them, and feeling in those heartfelt moments their thoughts are for you as well. I've learned universal truths; being that passion is born out of intimacy and something we all crave... And meaningful interludes are the finest of pleasures. If you appreciate depth coupled with unbridled affections, you are not alone. I too share your sentiments. 

That same keenness for passion, has led me to become a life-long scholar of the arts... For art, in the simplest of expressions, is emotion made visible by form. Art instills a reaction within the beholder... Enabling the artist and the beholder to share an intimate exchange without touch... I've always been drawn to art and the varying forms, creating meaningful exchanges. Lovers signify art of their own; a special kind of exchange translated through intimacy. At one charmed chapter in my life, I learned lovers take on the role of the passionate artist and the touched beholder all at once. As a sophisticated creative in my civvy life and a personal paramour, all encounters are impassioned and I feel fortunate.

I am one of few coveted for tales coming from humble beginnings, having grown accustomed to finer ways and things... It all began with a pair of affluent eyes seeing the innate beauty to me and uncommon promise. Although, it's become rather customary for me to be dressed in upheld names, or casually dined at a swanky restaurant, or flown out to some far off exotic location, or have the means and purpose to give back to a cause dear to heart, and to be courted by the elite gentleman who knows no other way than to handsomely care for his lover; I appreciate it all.

I value the company of the gentleman who seeks authenticity and values meaningful pleasures. 

Whilst our encounters may seem temporary, just as fine art, they are timeless.

Till we're in touch, 

Whitney Carrington 

I am glad you have found me...

The Finer Details

Based: New York City, New York & Stamford, Connecticut & Hartford, Connecticut, Washington, D.C. & Boston, Massachusetts

Age: Early 20's

Height: 5'0"

Measurements: 38C-24-37

Body Type: All Natural Hourglass

Dress Size: 4

Shoe Size: 7.5

Heritage: African-American Born

Eyes: Big, Brown

Hair: Long-Length, Balayage

Disposition: Sweet, Sensual

Sexuality: Bisexual

Languages: English, French

Studying: Bachelors, Finance / Art History

Interests: You, Art, Beauty, Sexuality, Theology, Reading & Writing, Linguistics, Theater, Wellness, Tennis, Motor Racing, Money

Whitney Carrington blue lacey candid.jpg
Whitney carrington 4 (color).jpg

Kind Words

"To be with Whitney, is to be enveloped in feminine warmth and beauty.
She is one of the most caring women you will ever meet. "
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