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I've found that the tenderest of moments follows unrushed time together, allowing for a valuable connection to naturally develop... Fine dining dates, overnights, and social times are available.

All dates 3 hours or longer, are obliged to include drinks & dining and social time. Whether ordering in, or swanky reservations. Although, thoughtfulness no matter the length of our encounter is always appreciated.

All outcall dates +100 taking care of my transportation expenses to and from you.

Fly-me-to-you dates 3 hours minimum + travel expenses.

For couples, the rate is doubled. For duos, my rate & hers.

1 Hour / Charmed / $500

1.5 Hours / A Proper Introduction / $700


2 Hours / A Lasting Impression / $1000

3 to 4 Hours / Wine & Dine / $2000 

12 to 14 Hours / Stay The Night / $4000

24 Hours / What A Difference A Day Makes / $7000

48 Hours / What A Difference A Couple Days Make / $10,000

20% non-refundable date deposit required of all dates, to reserve our time with one another.

The rate required is for my valuable time and exquisite companionship. Anything else, that may or may not occur is a matter of personal choice and preferences between consenting adults and is not contracted for, nor is to be contracted for in any matter.

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