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Spring Song Selections Pt. I

The following songs I've curated feel like the spring season to me. My musical taste reflects that of an older soul and true romantic. Many of these timeless songs are older than I am. My musical taste is wide and varied - appreciating sounds from Bowie, to Fitzgerald.

I believe somebody's sense of music gives you a sense of who they are. I go into depth, as to why I've selected each song. I give these songs to you, and I hope you enjoy it.

Ella Fitzgerald Sings The Irving Berlin Song Book

Get Thee Behind Me Satan, by Ella Fitzgerald / Paul Weston & His Orchestra

This song transports me to a time when affections were utmost private, stolen and highly treasured... Released in the year of 1958... The song illustrates a woman's temptation to be with a man who awaits her, as she blames her natural desires upon Satan. In the end, she gives in.

I imagine a springtime night, thick air, and a red-lipped woman looking outside her window at a set hour, for a man she desires... She sees him.

I tend to play this song, when I am dressing myself for a date... It excites me.

Fly Me To The Moon

Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) (cover), by Bobby Womack

The first time I listened to this cover, I kept replaying and replaying it. For the first time I felt what the unshakable supplication to be 'flown to the moon' meant. This soulful rendition brings the lyrics to life... "... Fly me to the moon... And let me play among the stars... Let me see... Oh, I wanna see what spring is like, on Jupiter, on Jupiter and Mars... " I believe lyrics such as this are meant to be sung with deep yearning. Rhythm and blues suit the words well.

Listening to this song on springtime nights is fitting.

La Vie En Rose (cover), by Lady Gaga

The French phrase, 'la vie en rose,' means 'life in pink'. Life absolutely is meant to be lived in a pink hue! The songstress, Edith Piaf originally sings this. However, I prefer this version...

I was re-introduced to this song, through the 2018 groundbreaking remake movie, A Star Is Born. Ms. Gaga's performance turned me into her fan. I often re-enact the live performance naked. I know every word.

Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Rodgers and Hart Song Book

My Romance, by Ella Fitzgerald

This classic song enraptures me and entrances me to a dream-like blissful romance. Fitzgerald sings the romantic sentiments beautifully. The orchestra instrumentals are fairy tale worthy!

I tend to listen to this before I fall asleep. Sweet dreams always follow.

360 Degrees of Billy Paul

Your Song (cover), by Billy Paul

Although, I am in love with the original written and sung by Elton John... Upon listening to Billy Paul's jazzy, quirky and exquisitely awkward interpretation, I fell in love with it too... How could I not?.. Something about the blend of elevator music, jazz, orchestra, Billy Paul's sublimely dorky voice, and chirpy backup really speaks to me!

This version tells the tale of a gauche man, in love with a woman, whom he has a song for. Throughout the song he gains confidence. Till the end, where he's completely liberated from his socially inept ways... Adorable. Upon listening, you end up feeling happy for the guy.

Tiny Dancer, by Elton John

This song makes me happy. I have a long history with this song. I used to block out my entire circumstance (back in my humblest of living) with this tune playing in my ears. I imagined Elton was singing to me, his 5'0" muse... "Pretty-eyed, pirate smile... Ballerina!.. You must've seen her, dancing in the sand... And now she's in me, always with me... Tiny dancer in my hand."

The lyrics are clever, playful and sweet.

Blame It On Love & All The Great Hits

Cruisin,' by Smokey Robinson

This song is perfect for cruisin' on a springtime day... Windows down, hand holding, breeze flowing through hair, hypnotically smooth words that lull you into the moment of cruisin'...

"... Don't be confused, the way is clear... Let the music take your mind... Just release and you will find...You're going to fly away... Glad you're going my way... I love it when we're cruisin' together..."

Soul Love, by David Bowie

Bowie is iconic. I love how alien and human this song is all at once. Which is on brand for Bowie.

"... Love is careless in its choosing... Love descends on those defenseless... Idiot love will spark the fusion... And love is not loving"... Ziggy Stardust, an out-of-world being, tells the story of love befalling a boy and girl.

The creative genius is absolute.

Ain't No Mountain High Enough (cover), by Diana Ross

The first time I ever heard this recording, I felt all those tingly feelings having felt moved to my spirit... This has occurred every time after.

Ms. Ross's breathy maternal voice, coupled with the Liberace-esque instrumentals has given me needed courage and reassurance with every listen.

My favorite verse within the song goes "I know, I know you must follow the sun... Wherever it leads... But remember... If you should fall short of your desires... Remember life holds for you one guarantee... You'll always have me."


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